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new here - Meeting place for followers of her holy pinkness
October 25th, 2009
06:29 pm


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new here

Hi all.  I am new to this so I thought I would make my presence known.  Anyway, here is a funny tidbit of info I would like to share; my youngest daughter will be trick-or-treating this year as a Pink Unicorn

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Date:October 28th, 2009 02:57 am (UTC)
Is this one of those random coincidences? Would love to see the costume finished. :D
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Date:November 4th, 2009 09:02 pm (UTC)
Actually, it was a store-bought costume from K-Mart. My wife and I were looking for a costume for our 2 year old daughter and when I saw it I knew it had to be the one. Being an atheist, it was a simple choice. If I ever figure out how to post photos in a journal entry, then I will.
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